Pre-Conference Workshop:  22 November   |  Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Newlands & Southern Sun Newlands

Conference:  23 - 25 November  |  Baxter Theatre, Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Newlands & Southern Sun Newlands

Conference sub-themes

The sub-themes enable a focus on ethics, care and quality in our deliberations; the sub-theme are intended to give focus to the conference and its proceedings, as well as provide enough scope for participants to share their research through the lenses suggested. The following sub-themes provide suggestions only, they are many possibilities under each theme:

 ·         Ethics, care and quality in the practice of educational development

How do we understand our practice (including student development) through the lenses of ethics, care and/or quality enhancement?

  • The profession (and professionalization) of educational development

How is our field professionalising? Are professional ethics a consideration in our formal and non-formal programmes? What characterises formal educational programmes?

  • The role of educational development in quality enhancement

Educational development and quality enhancement have many concerns in common, how are these aligned or negotiated? What structures support quality enhancement in our practice? What models or approaches to quality enhancement align with educational development models?

  • The ethics of educational research and evaluation

The evaluation of our own practice as well as university teaching is a consideration in our field. Research ethics has become a field of study and reflection in many fields, how are ethical issues addressed in our field? What structures enable or constrain ethical research and evaluation? How can we ensure that our research practices take developments in ethics into consideration?

  • Ethics, care and quality in the funding or reward of teaching excellence

As teaching becomes more important to universities, there are sources of funding to support and enhance teaching development, how can theses resources be used effectively? How is good teaching rewarded? What practices are emerging in policies to support teaching excellence?

  • Educational developers as academic leaders who practice an ethics of care

How is the leadership of educational development distributed in institutions? What characterises the practice of educational development leadership? What enables or constrains educational developers as leaders?