Pre-Conference Workshop:  22 November   |  Park Inn by Radisson Newlands & Southern Sun Newlands

Conference:  23 - 25 November  |  Baxter Theatre, Park Inn by Radisson Newlands & Southern Sun Newlands

Pre-conference workshops


Workshops are 1.5 hours in length.

*K Sutherland's workshop is a 3 hour workshop (First Session:09:00-10:30. Second Session: 11:00-12:30)

*S. Braun's workshop is a 3 hour workshop (First Session:13:30-15:00. Second Session: 15:30-17:00)




International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED 2016)

Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association of South Africa (HELTASA 2016)

Theme: Ethics, Care and Quality in Educational Development







Workshop 1: Celia Popovic (York University), Pam Parker (City University), John-Paul Foxe (Ryerson Univesity), Fiona Smart (Edinburgh Napier University), Allan Goody (Consultant), Carole Davis (Middlesex University), Carolyn Hoessler (University of Saskatchewan).

Shoes for the shoemaker's children: professional development for educational developers


Workshop 2: Lars Uhlin, (Karolinska Institutet), Maria Kvarnström (Karolinska Institutet), Lotta Åbjörnsson (Lund University), Alastair Creelman (Linnaeus University), Kenneth Johansson (Lund University), Anders Gerestrand (Linnaeus University), Maria Hedberg, (Lund University), Anne Whaits, (The Independent Institute of Education(IIE)

Collaboration across borders for professionalisation of educational development - the course Open Networked Learning as an arena for Professional Development for teachers in Higher Education


Workshop 3: David Baume

Is it working?” - Outcomes, Monitoring and Evaluation in Academic Development


Workshop 4: Dr Pascal Fischer (Universität Kassel)

Using e-assessments for testing competence-oriented learning outcomes 


Workshop 5: Daniel Al-Kabbani, (Creaversity, Paderborn, Germany)

Improvisational Theatre as a method for holistic teaching and higher-education-teacher-trainings


Workshop 6: John Sweet, (Cardiff University)

Creative Personal Journey: Focus on Assisting Self-directed Learning


Workshop 7: A/Prof Kogi Naidoo, (Charles Sturt University)

Exploring mindfulness and caring in higher education 


Workshop 8: Lindsey Nicholls (London South Bank University)

Taking Care; teaching compassion through reflexive activities


Workshop 9: Joan Tronto (University of Minnesota)

Caring for Social Justice 


Workshop 10: Dr Sherran Clarence (Rhodes University) & Dr Karin Wolff (Cape Peninsula University of Technology)

Working with Legitimation Code Theory to understand and improve teaching and learning in education


Workshop 11: Prof Lynn Quinn & Dr Jo-Anne Vorster (Centre for Higher Education Research, Teaching and Learning, Rhodes University) 

Planning a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education


Workshop 12: CANCELLED


Workshop 13: Kathryn Sutherland: Editor: IJAD & Johan Geertsema: IJAD Associate Editor 

Publishing in the International Journal for Academic Development  3hr Workshop


Workshop 14: Denise Wood (Central Queensland University) 

‘Everybody’s Business’: Improving higher education access, participation and outcomes for people from diverse backgrounds through an ethic of care approach


Workshop 15: Michalinos Zemblyas (University of Cyprus) 

Doing Research on Identity and Culture in Conflict-Affected Societies: Ontological and Anthropological Insights


Workshop 16: Shelda Debowski

Increasing the reach, influence and impact of higher education development 


Workshop 17: Sally Bradley (presenting for Kathryn Harrison (Higher Education Academy))

Global Recognition for Successful Teaching in Higher Education


Workshop 18: Brenda Leibowitz (University of Johannesburg) and Jane Rarieya (Aga Khan University) 

Developing a SOTL Strategy for your Institution or Faculty


Workshop 19: Shelda Debowski 

Through the looking glass of higher education development: Creating a safe space for academics to learn, grow, question and challenge 


Workshop 20: Revd Dr Delysia Timm (DUT), Delysia Norelle Timm 

Using Self-Study Action Research to explore ethics, care and quality in Higher Educational Practice and Research (HEPR).


Workshop 21: Keisha Valdez, EdD (Centre for Excellence in Teaching and LearningThe University of the West Indies, St Augustine) 

The Proof of the Pudding: Determining the Impact of Your Faculty Development Programme on Teaching Practice 


Workshop 22: Stefan Braun (Freelancer) and Thomas Tribelhorn (University of Bern) 

Simulation as means for integrating ethical aspects in educational development 


Workshop 23: Stefan Braun (Freelancer) and Thomas Tribelhorn (University of Bern) 

Simulation as means for integrating ethical aspects in educational development


Workshop 24: Maria Wennerström Wohrne, Johan Wickström, Ulrike Schnaas, (Unit for academic teaching and learning Uppsala University, Sweden) 

Ethics, power and heterogeneity through the lens of literary fiction in the practice of educational development 


Workshop 25: Annelies Gilis, Anneleen Cosemans, Saartje Creten, Steven Huyghe, (Educational Development Unit, KU Leuven) 

Doing the right thing!: educational developers striving for collaboration while challenged by divergent goals and interests of partners. 


Workshop 26: Shelda Debowski

What's in your Toolkit? The evolving role of the higher education developer in a volatile sector


Workshop 27: Dr Rachel Forsyth and Dr Claire Hamshire, ( Manchester Metropolitan University)  

Purposeful play: Using games and stories to promote discussion and decision-making in educational development